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Thought Broadcast

AVATAR2 PPI member shares their reflections since having Avatar Therapy and joining PPI meetings.

Since receiving the Avatar Therapy, I really enjoy writing poems about my experiences of hearing voices. I belong to the PPI blog writing group, which has been set up, where we discuss styles of writing poetry, and give each other ideas and inspiration, and listen to each other’s poetry which all have been really amazing to hear. I also enjoy that the Research Assistants who run the blog group also get involved with writing. The Avatar Therapy, and being lucky enough to be part of this group has given me the confidence to express myself, which I haven’t been able to do before.

Thought Broadcast

Inserting thoughts into my brain

Thought deceivers


Irrational thoughts

I can’t escape, things escalate

What do I do with this information?

Forces me back to my lonely isolation

Please please don’t act on compulsion

It all don’t make sense, you will be full of repulsion

People won’t understand, they won’t show you compassion

Like their feelings, their empathy are all on ration

The thoughts aren’t mine, they’re on repetition

My downfall, my demise, my brains demolition.

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