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"My Mask"

PPI consultant shares a poem they've written since attending the creative workshop facilitated by AVATAR2 research assistants.

My Mask

I don’t want to paint on my mask today,

I want it all to go away.

I want life how it was before,

I’m not sure I can cope anymore.

Then the voice of hope creeps in my ear,

But I hit it away as it fills me with fear.

Hope means things may work out fine,

But this is such a very thin line;

Balanced on a tightrope that may break at any time.

I don’t want hope as it’s a lie,

I just really, really want to know why.

Yet my voice of reason is loud and clear

It speaks to me and comforts my fear.

This is just one day, and I can make it,

Even if I have to fake it.

Tomorrow I may feel better and strong,

Tomorrow I may sing my inner song,

Tomorrow applying my mask may not take so long.

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