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Living with schizophrenia

PPI member shares some reflections since having Avatar Therapy.

As a result of my AVATAR therapy treatment, I have become more confident in expressing my experiences and challenges with living with paranoid schizophrenia. Also, with encouragement with the new amazing blog/creative writing group, I would like to share a couple of pieces with you…

My letter to you

I am the one that stole your life

I am the one who stole your friends

I am the one who controls your day

I am the one you fear

I am the one inside your head

I am the one that keeps you awake at night

I am the one that keeps you at home

I am the one that hears your thoughts

I am the one that makes you feel there’s a gun to your head

I am the one that makes you feel worthless

I am the one who took over your life

Yours sincerely and forever,



Shadow People

Shadow people they can fly

LSD, no I’m not high

My dedication in taking medication

A precaution, to get rid of the distortion

My mind tied up in metal chains

The fear of the shadow people still remains

I have an aversion to the coercion

From the shadow people’s commands

My discipline to not give in to their demands

I tell you shadow people, I am not insane

My hopes of getting better still remain

You are not my friend, or my mate

I am strong and I will decide your fate

You are dark, you are mean, you are outrageous

I am brave, I am powerful, I am courageous.

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