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Garden of Words

PPI consultant Amy shares her reflections about being part of the trial.

I participated and consulted in the SlowMo trial. I am now consulting on the AVATAR2 trial as a PPI member. What inspired my poem is the experience of empowerment that I have had from standing up to my anxiety and taking ownership by putting my experience into words. I have also felt empowered by hearing other AVATAR2 PPI members poems/blogs.

Garden of words

Feeling like a seed not allowed to become a tree.

Anxiety, the fear that befriended me.

Comfort zones became panic rooms to hide.

A bigger fear of missing out began to grow inside.

Overshadowed by self-doubt but found ways that illuminated.

I am the author, Anxiety just sometimes narrated.

When anxiety talks, Me; a radiant, ready reply...

"I won't know, until I try"

- Amy Grant

Sunset with silhouette of trees on the horizon

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