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Liam Rankin, one of our PPI colleagues has written a poem all about avatar therapy and taking back power from voices.

Avatar 2

haw whats that you say

I'm this and that is

Well that's ok

Well I've got something just for you

To make you feel the way I do

Don't talk crap you can't touch me

Been here for years you're never free

I'll make you feel so small today

Stop you functioning in every way

ohh so scared and so alone

Don't you dare touch that phone

They won't believe a word you say

You've had your turn

its mine today

Come with me cause your the clown

fancy a drive into the town

got a place I need to be

a place for me were I'll be free

might take some weeks

for you to leave

I'm not asking I wont say please.

forget the meds they don't work

tried so many with no luck

its time to bring the big boy on

the new toy in town

it sure signs my song

you see it's my turn now

to take control

for you to go leave me alone

so my friend can you see

the avatar in front of me

so come on let's go bring it on

your usual crap the same old song

for this is different as you'll see

the avatar will set me free

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