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A Kaleidoscope Mind

PPI member Amy shares a reflective poem she created since consulting on AVATAR2.

I am a passionate advocate for mental health, who has worked as a PPI Consultant on a number of projects including SlowMo and AVATAR2. Our regular PPI meetings have helped encourage my creativity and given me a sense of confidence to write about and share my personal experiences with mental health.

A kaleidoscope mind.

Deeply unhappy, my ocean of confidence now a puddle and shallow.

Unspoken words, I play like a silent Piano.

If my energy was cake, I gave you all, left myself a crumb.

Now I'm left feeling antisocial and numb.

Interests and joy faded became duller.

My monochrome world but I remember colour.

Beautifully sad in ugly ways,

I can flash a smile then cry for days.

Absence of motivation, passion now rarefied.

Almost felt defeated but a catalyst verified.

One small question or thought.. "What if?" Almost tangible and gentle.

Was enough to show my rose tinted glasses are more than ornamental.

Abounding affirmations transpiring,

Alternative possibilities I'm now desiring.

Two words that echoed.. 'what if' in the dark.

Wanting more, I followed curiosity's spark.

Learning, growing and connections my tools to cope.

A feeling of emptiness, I filled with hope.

- Amy Grant

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